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Love these reflections for so many reasons. Over twenty years ago, I remember Tim League pointing you out to me at a Sinus Show where we riffed on Xanadu at a skating rink. If I remember, you were writing a piece on the Alamo Drafthouse for Texas Highways. And I told Tim, "Spike is the kind of creative I want to be." Still true to this day.

PS - I love that you performed Lars Eighner's wedding. Beautiful.

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Oh my gosh! Owen! So funny. Only *after* I posted this piece did I remember the time you and I were at Thunderbird on Manor curious if anyone knew us anymore. I assured you they did. YOU, my friend, are a TRUE AUSTIN LEGEND!!! Thanks for the astonishing amount of awesome things you always do and always have done for Austin. YOU are my HERO! Love you.

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